OpenCart Store conversion checklist for 2022

OpenCart Conversion

Being an OpenCart store owner, It’s necessary to drive an immense volume of traffic to your website, and to do so, you need a solid Conversion Rate Optimization plan.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) for eCommerce is all about converting your customers from landing to the checkout page. To maximize the profitability of your eCommerce store, it’s important to monitor and optimize your conversion rate.

For your OpenCart Store, following is the checklist you should consider:

  1. Home Page Optimization
  2. Product Page Optimization
  3. Optimize Product Search
  4. Cart Page Optimization
  5. Optimize Checkout Page
  6. Display Shopping Cart Items
  7. Website Speed Optimization

1. Home Page Optimization

  • Play with Hero Shot
  • Highlight your Top-Selling Product
  • Highlight your Special Deals
  • Add Videos to your Homepage
  • Mobile Ready Homepage
  • Product display in Real Environment

2. Product Page Optimization

  • Use High-Quality Product Images
  • Highlight Product Image Benefits with Compelling Description
  • Provide Complete Product Information (Size, Length, and Weight)
  • Image Zooming Capability
  • Display In Stock & Out of Stock Feature
  • SEO-friendly Titles and Headlines and Desc.
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Encourage Reviews
  • FAQs Related to Product

3. Optimize Product Search

  • Optimize for relevant keywords
  • Enable Category Search
  • Intelligent Search Experience

4. Cart Page Optimization

  • Set Up Persistent Shopping Cart
  • Provide Clean and Easy to Navigate Cart Page
  • Show all Available Payment Methods
  • Display Sub Total and Total

5. Optimize Checkout Page

  • Ensure Seamless Checkout Process
  • Make Sure Security and Trust of Customers
  • Improve Checkout Page for Mobile

6. Display Shopping Cart Items

  • Provide Shipping and Returning Policy Details
  • Guest Checkout Process
  • Pre-Fill Form Fields
  • Live Chat Support Feature
  • Create Urgency with Timers and Free Shipping

7. Website Speed Optimization

  • Optimized Product Images
  • Leverage Browsing Cache
  • Minified JavaScript & CSS
  • Enable Compression

We hope this checklist will help you in the conversion rate optimization ( CRO ) of your OpenCart store. Partner with Upgrade Opencart – a leading OpenCart development agency and get customized OpenCart solutions for the sustainable growth of your business.

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