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Do you know? Custom Developed OpenCart Store cannot be upgraded through plugins

We are providing Custom OpenCart development since OpenCart 1.5.2 version was launched and have been working on almost every version after that.

Major Tasks In OpenCart Version Upgrade
Theme Upgrade
Case #1: Theme compatible Version available
Themes have updates also and luckily you may find that your theme have updates and compatible version for newer versions of OpenCart so that might save your costs.

Case #2: Custom Theme, No updated Version available
In case your theme was based on custom psd and you hired some team for that, you will not have the update to newer version. So we will have to copy the design and create theme for the new version. There are many times extension that are purchased along with theme so those will need update for new theme and you may also want similar customization options in admin panel so that can be part of upgrade and will increase cost.

Case #3: Buy new compatible theme
You can search Themeforest or OpenCart Market for newer OpenCart themes and purchase a theme for the newer version you are going to upgrade to. This will save you a lot.
Extension / Module / Plugin Updates
Case #1: Extension updated version available
For extensions update, as these are written by third party developers, some of them have developed updated version for newer version of Opencart, you need to see if you can get newer version from where you purchased the extension.

Case #2: No updated version available
For those extension whose developer haven’t worked on newer versions, we will have to update those ourselves so cost will increase in this case based on each extension or module.

Case #3: Alternative Extension
You may decide to leave old extensions and find new alternatives in the marketplace that support the version you are going to upgrade to..
Data Migration
Data Migration is a crucial and complex task. Only experts can perform it.

Case #1: Extensions / Plugins Data
You might have installed some extensions that creates some more data with time. For example you have a plugin that saves customer details or some more order related details or adds a new field to product or product options. So in this case there will be additional tables or columns in database that will not be available in the newer standard version of Opencart. This case will need to be handled and a similar extension update will be required to install in the newer version first and then data should be migrated.

Case #2: No Extension/Plugins Data
There is no extension or change in DB structure. In this case data migration will be standard procedure based on target and source versions.

Case #3: Standard Data
You may not want some of previous data to be migrated, so this can reduce some of the load and will be cost effective.

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